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Scanbuy SmartLabel® Package Activation Supports FCPC to Deliver the Transparency Consumers Demand

by maryann
As consumer expectations across Canada drive heightened competition, brands and retailers in the food and consumer products industry have discovered that engaging with today’s one-of-a-kind shoppers requires a strategy that goes well beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Garnier Canada Consider a typical scenario in any big box store. In aisle three, a mother thinks about her child’s allergy, a son considers his father’s special diet, and a millennial wonders where a product was sourced. All three are holding identical packages, yet each consumer needs more—and different—information in order to make a purchase decision. The good news is that all three people in this scenario—and many similar settings—have something important in common. They each have your product in one hand and a smartphone in the other, giving you the opportunity to deliver clear, well-organized information in a trusted environment. It’s like providing each of your consumers with a personal brand specialist. FCPC joined the SmartLabel initiative to address these types of situations, and more. Forward-thinking brands are using SmartLabel QR Codes to activate the package for greater transparency. SmartLabel isn’t about marketing what is already on the label—it’s about sharing all the information that doesn’t fit on the label. With a simple scan of a QR Code, your SmartLabel products will speak directly to the consumer, providing end-to-end transparency for information-hungry shoppers. As a QR Code supplier to many of the largest brands and retailers using QR Codes, Scanbuy, has activated thousands of SmartLabel packages available on the shelves today. “Hershey wants to make sure that people who love our products can conveniently get the information they want that goes beyond what is on the label. Adding SmartLabel QR codes on our packages makes it easy for us to provide this detailed information, and we expect to complete this transition by the end of 2018,” shared Deb Arcoleo, Director of Product Transparency at The Hershey Company. Whether you’re preparing for a new rollout or looking to change course, consider the power of SmartLabel package activation from Scanbuy. • Easy implementation • Print-ready QR Codes • Editable URLs for ongoing flexibility • Detailed analytics for full research capabilities To learn more, we invite you to download an overview on Scanbuy’s SmartLabel Package Activation, and come meet me at the upcoming FCPC SmartLabel Summit.

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