Scanbuy Official Blog: 2013/03

Learn more about the latest mobile marketing and trends for big data technology in the retail industry.

Mobile Insider Summit: Putting Customers First with QR Codes

by Adam

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the “Mobile Insider Summit”, a Scanbuy-sponsored event hosted by MediaPost. Having attended at least three or four times previously, I was prepared for a few quality days of discussing the many virtues of the mobile ecosystem.  As expected, there was an impressive line-up of panels with speakers who each had relevant insights to share.  However, what was most exciting to me was the common change of perception around QR Codes.  Of course I…

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Exciting Proof that Mobile is a Catalyst to Conversion

by Ben B.

This week, Google, released research on mobile searches and the ensuing consumer behavior. For marketers seeking to tap into the potential of the mobile channel, this report (available here) has the merit of highlighting key paradigms underlying successful mobile engagement, namely: Context-driven: at home, vs. in-store, vs. on the go, etc. Action-oriented: “find more information”, “book a table”, “share with your friends”, etc.  Convenience and immediacy: right here, right now,…

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Scanbuy - Mike Wehrs, Interview from MWC 2013

bnetTVScanbuy - Mike Wehrs, Interview from MWC 2013, March 15, 2013
bnetTV speaks with Scanbuy's Mike Wehrs at the 2013 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona Spain.

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Mobile World Congress 2013 and what it means for Mobile Marketing

by david

This year at Mobile World Congress, there was a sense that a new chapter was turned: smartphones penetration had shot past the 50% threshold and tablet penetration has reached 1 in 4 adults in the US. Android and iOS updates, which determine much of nowadays’ user experiences, were challenged by smaller but no less ambitious players, namely RIM, Windows, Ubuntu, and –surprise surprise – Mozilla, which managed to sign up 17 different operators to its Firefox OS. Moreover, countless…

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Lessons for marketers from Mobile World Congress 2013

Mobile MarketerLessons for marketers from Mobile World Congress 2013, March 8, 2013
Mobile World Congress is an opportunity for brands and agencies to get a sense of the technologies and trends that will shape mobile marketing over the coming 12-18 months. This year’s event was no exception.

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Neutronian Announces That Scanbuy Has Earned Its Data Quality Certification

Neutronian launches Data Privacy Scoring of over 3,000 publishers, brands, ad platforms, retailers, and data providers

Scanbuy Announces ExtendedAudiences(TM) Act-Alike Audience Extensions of CPG Consumer Purchase Data, Powered by Diveplane


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