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6 Places Consumers are Engaging with QR codes

by Nick Ponesse
QR codes are everywhere you look. Whether you are browsing online, commuting to work, or even looking through your pantry, you will find QR codes. Mobile phone manufacturers and social media platforms are all taking notice. There is no longer a need to download an application to scan these 2D barcodes. You can find QR code scanners within your smartphone camera, through Snapchat, and even through your Facebook account. Marketers are always faced with one task: How can I reach and engage my target audience? What better way to do this than with QR codes. Here are six popular methods consumers are engaging with QR codes on a daily basis! Frenchs Consumer Goods Consumer goods are the most common place to uncover QR codes. SmartLabel™, a tool that gives consumers a way to access more detailed product information about food, beverages, household, pet care and personal care products, is a main driving force behind this. When a consumer scans a SmartLabel™ QR code, it delivers a product specific landing page with all sorts of rich information you need to know about that item. Coupons/Payment Mobile payment systems are making headway and are not stopping. This advancement in technology is becoming widespread and QR codes are at the forefront. When paying for your groceries using Walmart Pay or purchasing coffee with the Dunkin Donuts app, cashiers are using QR codes to complete these transactions. When you pull up to McDonalds on your lunch break and go to redeem a deal from the mobile app, the cashier will look to scan the QR code from your mobile device. Travel Traveling Have you ever printed a boarding pass or downloaded your plane ticket via your mobile device? A unique QR code is found on each ticket which contains all your flight information and is used by the TSA for security and airlines for check-in. The same features and functionalities are used for passengers purchasing bus, train, or ferry tickets. You can even find them posted in taxi cabs. Books Were you ever unable to solve one of those long, confusing math problems as a student? Textbooks are now offering solutions and guides within the reading with a simple scan of a QR code. The QR code may lead to a more in-depth explanation or even a YouTube video demonstrating how to solve the problem. QR codes are an interactive and engaging tool for Millennial and Generation Z students who are never without their mobile devices.

Parks Parks have also joined the QR code party. QR codes are being used to map your location within the park and are also assigning fitness challenges to active individuals. The pixelated codes are placed on signs throughout the park, where when scanned, offer a workout demonstration to the user. These QR codes engage consumers, giving them access to a unique way to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Frenchs Demonstrations Have you ever seen a product in the store and wondered how to use it? Now, you can scan a QR code on a display or on a product’s package and it will direct you to a demonstration on how to use it. The Home Depot and Best Buy place QR codes on product tags, directing the consumer to the product’s landing page when scanned. Instead of going online to research the product, Best Buy eliminates that step for the consumer and gives them a more direct way to find information, such as customer reviews, product info, features, etc. QR codes are beyond useful, and are everywhere! What are you waiting for? Contact Scanbuy to start engaging your mobile consumers!

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