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Millennials Demand Transparency - Connect with QR Codes

by Annie M

Millennials spend $600 billion each year in the US alone. This number is expected to reach $1.4 trillion by the year 2020 and will account for nearly 30 percent of total retail sales. These spending habits should classify millennials as a target demographic for retail marketers. Growing up in the digital age, millennials are accustomed to having a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. As a result, they demand much more from the brands they support. While 46% of consumers admit to using…

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Fire up your Direct Mailer with Digital Technology


Are you launching a direct mail campaign? Maybe a back to school promotion or a piece for the holidays to promote your website. Did you know that millennials who cannot live without technology like to look over their mail?  That’s right, 84% of millennials take the time to look through their mail and 64% would rather scan for useful information in the mail than email. Direct mail reaches everyone, young and old… While mail has the potential to serve as an invaluable conduit to a shopping…

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It’s Back! Save 2% on USPS Direct Mail Using Mobile Technology

by Nick Ponesse

The USPS has yet again launched a promotion to demonstrate that direct mail is still a relevant part of the marketing mix. The 2017 Mobile Shopping promotion was designed to encourage customers to adapt and invest in mobile technology and combine it with direct mail. Using the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform, Scanbuy has helped companies like Carter’s integrate QR Codes into their direct mail materials to promote mobile shopping.  ScanLife QR Codes were printed on direct mail flyers…

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Proximity Marketing: The New “P” in Marketing Today

by Irene George

    For the longest time, it’s always been just the 4 P’s in Marketing: product, placement, promotion, and price.  But these days, with all the advancements and integration of technology in marketing messages, it now includes the 5th P, proximity.  It’s a way marketers can deliver messages to consumers in real time.  For example, let’s take a look at the current app market and the way social media has had a major influence on the way apps are created. Check-in apps like…

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Enhancing the Reader Experience with QR Codes

by Erick Solis

In the pre-technology era, readers flipped through books with the obvious limitations set forth by print media. While the printed content was at times engaging, it was only possible to use imagination to transcend beyond the words printed on the page. But the advancements of the modern world are changing this. Today, publishers are pushing the boundaries of print by leveraging smartphone technology to enhance the reading experience. With the print industry struggling to maintain relevancy in…

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Direct Mail is Still Relevant in a Mobile World

by Kasey

As mobile technology continues to evolve and influence marketing strategies, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has launched a campaign to demonstrate how direct mail can continue to be a relevant part of the marketing mix. The 2016 Mobile Shopping Promotion encourages customers to adopt and invest in technologies that enhance consumer engagement with mail. Through the use of mobile technology, USPS customers can create a convenient way for consumers to shop from their mobile devices.…

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ScanLife mPackaging for SmartLabel™ Helps Brands Deliver the Transparency Consumers Deserve

by maryann

Imagine putting on a blindfold as soon as you head into the grocery store to do some shopping. In essence, consumers have been doing that for years, blindly putting products into their shopping carts with limited availability to significant details such as nutritional values, allergens, precautions and usage guidelines. Today, with smartphones in hand and a world of knowledge at their fingertips, consumers are demanding more. ScanLife mPackaging for SmartLabel™ makes it easy for brands to…

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Consumer Behavior & Preferences Infographic 2016

by Erick Solis

The ScanLife 2016 Consumer Behavior & Preferences Infographic has arrived! We surveyed more than 19K ScanLife mobile app users to learn more about their mobile shopping behaviors. Our findings reveal valuable data that can be used by marketers and brand managers to better understand consumers and develop winning mobile strategies. Over 19K people responded to the survey which was administered in October of 2015 for a 30 day period. Some of the key takeaways include: A great majority…

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ScanLife Q3 Mobile Trend Report

by Erick Solis

We've released our latest Mobile Trend Report analyzing engagements that took place in Q3 of 2015. Through 23 million mobile consumer engagements, we were able to deliver insights on who was shopping, what they were shopping for, and where they were shopping. Consumers proved to be increasingly interested in accessing information from mobile devices as we hit a record 5 engagements per user. Engagements were the highest in the United States, followed by Spain, France, Mexico, and…

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The QR Code is Dead…. Long Live the QR Code!

by chaioutmezguine

Very rarely has a mobile marketing trigger received so much bad press and unchained so much passion as the QR Code. Some find it ugly beyond repair, others think its usefulness is obsolete—a technology of the past. So called experts ponder philosophical questions such as “Why QR Codes suck so much?”, or take the unbiased view that QR Codes “instantly ruin almost anything they're placed on.” Never in the history of cyber-bullying has a spotty square been so derided. And yet it…

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