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Proximity Marketing: The New “P” in Marketing Today

by Irene George

    For the longest time, it’s always been just the 4 P’s in Marketing: product, placement, promotion, and price.  But these days, with all the advancements and integration of technology in marketing messages, it now includes the 5th P, proximity.  It’s a way marketers can deliver messages to consumers in real time.  For example, let’s take a look at the current app market and the way social media has had a major influence on the way apps are created. Check-in apps like…

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Apple Pay and What it Means to Omnichannel Marketing

by david

A company like Apple jumping into the mobile payments space is a great development for the entire mobile ecosystem.  While it does not mean that mobile is the new wallet overnight, there are some really amazing implications as it relates to commerce and specifically omnichannel strategies. First, a quick primer on the facts: Apple Pay allows anyone with an iTunes account (800M globally) to pay for goods or services, with in-app only purchases like game levels handled like they are today.…

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Neutronian launches Data Privacy Scoring of over 3,000 publishers, brands, ad platforms, retailers, and data providers

Scanbuy Announces ExtendedAudiences(TM) Act-Alike Audience Extensions of CPG Consumer Purchase Data, Powered by Diveplane


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