Scanbuy Official Blog: 2013/05

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Simple Steps to Follow for QR Code Success

by maryann

These days, just about everyone has a smartphone filled with applications that make each day a little easier and a lot more fun. In many countries like the United States, one-half of smartphone users have barcode applications already loaded on their devices. Savvy marketers have tapped into this growing technology by using QR Codes to transform traditional media into powerful marketing tools that allow them to connect with customers like never before.

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‘Pepsi’ launches promotional barcode

Alimarket‘Pepsi’ launches promotional barcode, May 29, 2013
The 'Pepsi' soda brand launches the first promotional mechanics in Spain linked to the reading of barcodes with mobile through the scan service, which provides access to the product by applying information.

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QR Code Marketing - An Interview with Mike Wehrs CEO of Scanbuy

Bar Code Industry NewsQR Code Marketing - An Interview with Mike Wehrs CEO of Scanbuy, May 21, 2013
The ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform makes it very quick and easy for a vendor/client to create new QR code campaigns and monitor the analytics of the campaign. From first login, to creation and download of the QR code, it takes only minutes. The Platform is so flexible that the client can change the action of the code at any time, even after the code is published. For example a code could link to a coupon at one moment, and then a product video the next – all with a simple code action change within the platform.

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Are you Delivering Personalized Experiences to Consumer Smartphones?

by Lisa

According to the RTP WhitePaper Integrating Mobile Across All Touch Points, Smartphones will Influence $689 billion in Retail Store sales by 2016. They currently influence approximately $159 billion in total sales revenue and with 100s of billions of dollars at stake the inconvenient truth is that retailers need to contend with shopper behavior changes and the challenges of this new dynamic environment.

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QR Codes Are Ready For Programmatic, Says Scanbuy’s Mike Wehrs

AdExchangerQR Codes Are Ready For Programmatic, Says Scanbuy’s Mike Wehrs, May 9, 2013
Do people really want to scan that little black-and-white pattern better known as a QR code? Mike Wehrs, CEO of QR code marketing tech company Scanbuy, doesn’t give any ground, saying QR codes are here to stay and a new partnership with AT&T helps prove it.

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QR Code Use Expanding

Marketing ForecastQR Code Use Expanding, May 8, 2013
QR codes have taken a while to catch on. Analysts first said that this technology would a popular tool for younger people to use.

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When “Shopper” Rhymes with “Buyer”

by Alex from London

Comparing prices online has become the shopper’s mandatory rite of passage prior to most purchases. By enabling this habit during the purchase, smartphones have, in effect, negated retailers the control of their shopper’s experience in their own store — creating a new challenge for marketers in the form of “showrooming”, where consumers check out a product in store, and then go online to buy it.

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Neutronian Announces That Scanbuy Has Earned Its Data Quality Certification

Neutronian launches Data Privacy Scoring of over 3,000 publishers, brands, ad platforms, retailers, and data providers

Scanbuy Announces ExtendedAudiences(TM) Act-Alike Audience Extensions of CPG Consumer Purchase Data, Powered by Diveplane


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