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Simple Steps to Follow for QR Code Success

by maryann
These days, just about everyone has a smartphone filled with applications that make each day a little easier and a lot more fun.  In many countries like the US, one-half of smartphone users have barcode applications already loaded on their devices.  Savvy marketers have tapped into this growing technology by using QR Codes to transform traditional media into powerful marketing tools that allow them to connect with customers like never before. The keys to success with this new era of mobile barcode marketing lie in a few best practices that can make all the difference.  Whether QR Codes appear in a magazine, sign, billboard, or other print media, their effectiveness depends on proper placement, messaging, call to action, and design. Here’s a simple list of proven practices to drive a successful QR Code strategy: Innovate.  Plan for success.  Visualize your strategy and address key questions.
  • How will my campaign benefit from mobile barcodes based on geographic location and available media?
  • Who are my customers and how will they get value from scanning codes?
  • What specific role will barcodes have in my marketing campaign?
Design.  Increased readability and overall success requires attention to important details.
  • Density – codes with less density are easier to interpret
  • Size – larger codes can be read from greater distances
  • Color/Contrast -- maintaining high contrast in a code is critical for readability
  • Brand – designer codes get more attention
MaryannBlog2   Educate.  Customers can’t scan if they don’t know how.
  • Provide easy scanning instructions
  • Be sure customers understand how to load the free app on their mobile phone
Motivate.  Give people good reasons to scan.   
  • Make it clear; keep language short and sweet
  • Use the code to support your main message
  • Add elements of mystery or fun
  • Deliver an inspiring call to action
Experiment.  Create unique codes for different media.
  • Incorporate a variety of codes to track each placement individually
  • If you’re placing codes in print ads, use a unique code for each insertion
  • When you add the code to a package, vary the design for this application
Measure.  Track how consumers interact with your brand.
  • Use robust business intelligence provided by a platform like ScanLife to easily measure results from a number of codes
  • Collect data from every scan to classify consumers and measure campaign performance
  • Analyze performance in real time and adjust campaigns accordingly
MaryannBlog3 Take a look around right now, and you’re likely to see someone using a smartphone to interact, get information, make a purchase, or enjoy some entertainment.  Don’t miss out on the action.  By using the best practices outlined above, you’ll be on your way to creating immediate, personalized customer connections that engage, educate, entertain, and convert.

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