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Scanbuy Data Insights

by chuckennis

Scanbuy is a leading provider of mobile engagement solutions to some of the world’s largest global brands. We have over 10 years of US mobile consumer behavior, demographic, location and identity data. Our platform uses machine learning algorithms to generate deep learning insights on the likely shopping behaviors of 300M US consumers. We organized millions of consumers into neat groups so you can target just the right person at exactly the right time—data which is 100% deterministic. We…

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Study: One-third of young adults frequently check Nutrition Facts panel

Food DiveStudy: One-third of young adults frequently check Nutrition Facts panel, February 26, 2018
Some experts claim that putting all the information consumers say they want on product labels would make them impossibly cluttered. That's one reason why manufacturers and trade groups have advocated for electronic methods of conveying nutrition information via QR codes, smart phones and online searches.

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Why Food Date Labelling Has an Important Role to Play in Cutting Food Waste

Modern Wellness GuideWhy Food Date Labelling Has an Important Role to Play in Cutting Food Waste, December 31, 2017
Food waste is a huge problem facing the world right now. What can the industry to tackle the issue?

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Are You Using Deterministic Data to Drive Results?

by Matt P.

The 2017 Holiday Season is already upon us, and as always the primary concern for brands, retailers and marketers alike continues to be two-fold: move products off the shelf and generate sales. However, every year industry players are forced to reevaluate their playbook for success; their approach to getting noticed and being heard through the noise of holiday advertising – regardless of the medium being employed. Let’s cut to the chase, advertisers have their work cut-out for them. As…

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Scan Away for the Holidays

by harold

To celebrate the holiday season, Scanbuy is giving away prizes to the top holiday scanners. Every 7 days in December, we will reward the top scanner for the time period with a $25 Amazon Gift Card. At the end of the month, the top scanner for the entire month of December will also receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Enter the scan contest by following these easy steps: 1) Get the latest version of the ScanLife app for iOS or Android. 2) Connect your ScanLife app with your Facebook account…

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These 2 Genius Apps Will Help You Save Money While Christmas Shopping

Rachel Ray ShowThese 2 Genius Apps Will Help You Save Money While Christmas Shopping, November 10, 2017
'Tis the season of giving! But if you don't watch yourself, you might find yourself giving a little too much.

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Arctic® Goldens feature SmartLabel™ QR code

Okanagan Specialty FruitsArctic® Goldens feature SmartLabel™ QR code, November 9, 2017
One of the most difficult decisions our team at Okanagan Specialty Fruits™ has had to make when introducing Arctic® apples into the market has been “how can we best communicate with consumers about the science and benefits behind our nonbrowning apples?”

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How to Fully Optimize the SmartLabel™ Opportunity

Global Retail BrandsHow to Fully Optimize the SmartLabel™ Opportunity, November 9, 2017
SmartLabel™ is a first of its kind product transparency initiative that enables consumers to get easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about the products they consume.

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SmartLabel™ Shares a Richer Story – Are you Ready to Share Yours?

by maryann

Consider a typical scenario at your local grocery store. In aisle three, a mom thinks about her child’s allergy while a father searches for a detailed list of ingredients and a millennial wonders how the product is sourced. All three are holding identical packages, yet each person needs more—and different—information in order to make a purchase decision. The key challenges for packaged goods brands striving to compete in a highly-regulated, consumer-driven environment are: 1) how to fit…

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Kezzler talks IoP at AIPIA Congress

Packaging NewsKezzler talks IoP at AIPIA Congress, November 6, 2017
Earlier this week Kezzler announced a partnership with Scanbuy that will enhance SmartLabel implementations using a single QR code for both consumer engagement and logistical support.

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