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Scanbuy’s Latest Trend Report Reveals 35% Growth in QR Code Usage in Q4 2021

by Maryann Moschides

NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2022  -- Scanbuy, Inc., ( the global leader in mobile QR Code engagement, transparency, and marketing, released its quarterly QR Code Trend Report today. The report provides a look at how consumers are engaged with QR Codes, with data collected globally during Q4 2021. The report continues to show rapid growth in QR Code engagement in recent months and reflects an accelerated adoption of QR Code integration in marketing and consumer outreach programs.

Information such as overall barcode scanning trends, mobile operating systems scanning share, states, and countries with the highest QR Code scanning utilization rates, were collected in the report. The trend report shows a 35% growth in unique consumers engagement from Q1 2021-Q4 2021, demonstrating continued strong growth of QR codes for connecting the physical to digital experiences.  Some of the key stats highlighted in the Q4 2021 QR Code Trend Report include:

  • The most popular type of consumer engagement experiences were, brand promotions, product information, and app download
  • 52% of consumers scanning are IOS device users
  • Retailers, food and beverage, media and entertainment and electronics continue to garner the most engagement
  • The most scans were completed from 4-7PM GMT and Saturday was the most active scanning day of the week this Quarter
  • California, Texas, and New York were the three most engaged states


"Today more than ever brands are using QR Codes to take a fresh approach towards creating direct and meaningful relationships with their consumers," shared Maryann Moschides, CMO and General Manager at Scanbuy. "We see consumer interest in getting information quickly continues to grow and QR Codes bridging the gap between offline and online conversation with their favorite brands."

In the study, Scanbuy analyzed millions of scans from QR Codes that were generated on its Scanbuy Mobile Engagement Platform.

To access the full Trend Report infographic, click here.

About Scanbuy, Inc.
Scanbuy is the industry leader in providing technology solutions and services that promote mobile marketing, advertising, shopping, product discovery, loyalty, and powers intelligent connections between the physical and digital world. The Scanbuy suite of products empower brands with smart QR Codes to deliver experiences beyond a simple web connection. Smart QR Codes with rich real-time data analytics allow for better decisions, experiences, and growth.

Scanbuy continues to be the QR Code provider of choice by enterprises around the globe to deliver engagement from the physical to the digital, whether on products, packaging, marketing materials, coupons, TV/streaming advertisements, and so much more. For more information on Scanbuy's entire family of products, visit, and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Maryann Moschides
CMO & General Manager

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