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Shelf Talkers and QR Codes: Designed To Capture Shoppers’ Attention

by Erika Vasquez

We consider grocery shopping the best time for CPG brands to connect with consumers. When it’s time to go grocery shopping, most consumers’ purchase decision comes from a mix of what’s available in store, and what’s on their shopping list. If consumers are unsure (or first-time buyers of a product,) the first thing they do is scan the aisle looking at product packing and promotions. From there, consumers pick up products and study ingredients. However, most consumers tend to go for products on sale or with a shelf talker offering a discount. Hence why supermarket product placement, and in-store advertising play a big role in the consumers’ shopping journey.

Banner and shelf talkers do a great job at putting brands in front of consumers and calling their attention “Hey! Check this out.” Chances are that if consumers are in the aisle, they are already interested in a particular product, or a complement for what’s in their shopping cart. Shelf talkers point consumers to your brand (vs the competitors), and act as a silent salesperson for your brand. The only job of the shelf talker is to promote your product and get it from the shelf and into the basket. Shelf talkers can be used on new products or all-time favorites – giving products the extra pop needed to catch the consumers’ eyes.

The versatility of shelf talkers allows brands to target consumers at POP with enticing offers, promotions, and more. Mondelez’s most recent shelf talker design is a great example of how brands can promote a product, deliver savings, and expand their consumer data base – without compromising shelf or aisle space. By placing a QR Code on shelf talkers, Mondelez deployed millions of coupons at various locations. This strategy makes it easier for Mondelez to track consumer engagement, coupon usage, and collect consumers’ contact information in a post cookies’ world.  Additionally, this method of coupon delivery removes responsibility from retailers having to track and process each coupon used.

QR Code adaptability doesn’t stop at delivering coupons, brands can go a step further and offer consumers additional engaging content through the QR Codes placed on shelf talkers. After all coupons have been deployed (or promotion has ended), brands have the opportunity to continue the conversation with consumers using the same QR Code without leaving them empty handed. Offer a new experience such as: recipes, contests, promotions, product nutritional information, fun app, shop online option and more.  

Today connecting with consumers is harder than ever before, shoppers are saturated with digital advertising and only want to engage with brands on their terms. Making it difficult for brands to stand out from the competition, but when brands give consumers the power to bridge the physical and digital world voluntarily it increases brand loyalty and brand recognition. QR Codes bridges the communication path and allows consumers to directly reach out to brands – when and where they choose. When a consumer takes the time to pull their phone out of their pocket, scan your QR Code, to engage with your content – there is no question they clearly want to hear from you. A QR Code scan is an intentional outreach to you. In comparison to an accidental clicking on an online ad. At Scanbuy, we understand consumers’ need for information and privacy. We provide brands and consumers with the tools needed to continue the conversation from the physical to the digital world without overstepping consumers’ privacy. To learn more about our consumer engagement solutions email us at

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