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Businessess Turn to QR Codes for Touchless Menus

by Christine Katsch

As businesses begin to cautiously reopen, they must rethink how to best to engage with shoppers, diners, customers, fans, guests, patients, students and even employees. These are unprecedented times that require thoughtful considerations and outside the box thinking.

The restaurant industry has been incredibly impacted by this pandemic, and preparations for the new restaurant norms are already in the works, and whether it’s dining with distant tables, sneeze guards or contactless pick-up, guests and employees need to know that every precaution is being made to keep them comfortable and safe. 


The National Restaurant Association recommends that menus are sanitized between use and paper menus should be thrown out after each customer use. As establishments considered using paper menus, they will find the cost is prohibitive on many levels.

At Scanbuy we predict touchless menu solutions will be the way forward today and into a post-pandemic world, with QR Codes playing an instrumental role in implementing.


The good news is that QR Code technology already exists and is an affordable option to help adapt to a touchless menu environment and smartphone penetration is high. In April of 2020. Statista reported that 83.28% of the US population has a Smartphone and that Android and iPhones account for 90% of these phones ─ which come equipped with QR Code scanning cameras. No longer is an app needed. Your guest points their camera at the QR Code and are immediately shown the menu.

Consumers avoid touching a physical menu that is handled multiple times and employees no longer need to wipe down every menu, which is unproductive and ineffective. Simply provide quests with a tableside QR Code to view your menu on their own mobile phone.  


Convert physical menus into a contactless menu. 
Customers scan a QR Code to view a PDF or online version of your menu on their phone, then place an order with the waiter.

Enable self-ordering.
After a customer scans a QR Code pointing to your online order menu form they select items and submits the form, referencing a table number for the waiter.  Restaurant staff receives the order and processes it.

Accept contactless payment.
Consumer scans QR Code at the bottom of the receipt to process payment right from their smartphone without employee having to process.

Scanbuy can help implement the touchless solutions that work best for your restaurant procedures and changing reopening guidelines.  Contact us today at to learn how we can help your establishment prepare for our new norm.

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