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Scanbuy To Share Innovative Mobile Solutions At FMI Connect 2016

Scanbuy, Inc., the global leader in mobile relationship management, today announced that it will share state-of-the-art mobile engagement solutions at FMI Connect. The event, which features relevant products and innovations for the food retail industry, is set to take place next week in Chicago. Scanbuy will showcase mPackaging for SmartLabel™ and dCoupon, two mobile engagement tools that are shaking up the way people shop.

SmartLabel™ is a transparency initiative that gives consumers instant access to product facts, ingredients, allergens, advisories and more. This immediate and personalized approach to the shopping experience removes barriers and resolves questions, speeding up the time it takes consumers to make purchase decisions. It especially addresses a growing need from shoppers who are focused on specific issues such as health or the environment, by providing a way for brands to deliver nutritional information and eco-friendly details seamlessly at the point of sale.

Thirty major brands have already signed on to SmartLabel™ and more are expected to follow suit. Scanbuy’s mPackaging for SmartLabel™ is a comprehensive platform that delivers product data attribute integration, print-ready QR Code management and dynamic, mobile-responsive landing pages with powerful data analytics and reporting. The company’s enterprise-class platform, industry experience and IP protection is being used by many today, with more products to hit the shelves.

While SmartLabel™ facilitates the transparent distribution of information, dCoupon delivers value. It is a scalable mobile coupon management and redemption service designed to help stores and brands easily distribute meaningful savings opportunities. dCoupon represents a fundamental shift in today’s coupon ecosystem that gives companies more control over spend and greater visibility into the true return on investment for each advertising campaign.

Described as a “disruptive technology,” dCoupon has changed the way brands, retailers and consumers perceive the concept of coupons. With dCoupon, any brand may create and distribute an unlimited number of campaigns, select participating retailers and personalize the mobile experience. Most importantly, dCoupon makes it easy for companies to track the attribution of coupons from distribution type to acquisition and redemption—while paying only for redeemed coupons.

“Our approach to the shopping experience is nimble,” said Maryann Moschides, Chief Marketing Officer at Scanbuy. “Scanbuy has the unique ability to create mobile solutions that logically evolve with the ebb and flow of consumer behavior. mPackaging for SmartLabel™ and dCoupon are the latest examples of mobile innovations that fit naturally into the shopping experience. And that is good news for brands and retailers looking better serve consumers.”

During FMI Connect, Scanbuy invites attendees to stop by Booth #856 located at the SmartLabel Pavilion to test drive these new tools and discuss specifics of integration for their particular brands or products. Please visit SmartLabel™ or dCoupon to learn more.

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