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QR Codes Utilized In Diverse Industries

by Irene George
In today’s world, technological advancements have allowed us to access information faster and in a more convenient manner than ever before. With 43% of the global population using smartphones, and that number projected to surpass 2 billion in the year 2016, there is no doubt that mobile has played a pivotal role in this transformation. On an everyday basis consumers connect to the digital world through their devices in a variety of different ways. One of these ways is through QR codes which have become increasingly popular in a variety of different industries for building mobile relationships.

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The real estate industry was an early proponent of the QR code placing them on “For Sale” signs to provide buyers with information on the property. This practice continues to be popular and effective. It provides convenience for both the real estate company and the potential buyer by providing answers to popular questions on the property through a simple scan. Another industry where QR codes have been ubiquitous is food and beverage. Placement on product packaging can offer a wealth of information to the consumer. This can be in the form of a promotional video, a page with nutritional information, an interactive experience displaying how the product was made, or even a redirect to delicious recipes. In addition, food and beverage companies often provide coupons to consumers who scan. Mobile use in the entertainment industry has become common in recent years. One specific example is their prevalence at major theme parks. Mobile triggers printed on flyers and billboards to allow guests to conveniently access information about the park right from their smartphones. This is most commonly done either through a redirect to a mobile optimized web page or by driving the guest to download a mobile application that will enhance their theme park experience. In addition, museums have also found a tremendous use of the QR code. Marketers at museums have found a method to deliver information to their visitors by allowing them to scan for more details about the exhibits. These codes link visitors to presentations, videos and more facts, so they can become even more educated on their favorite exhibits. The hotel and tourism industry has also used mobile engagement tools on their marketing materials. One effective use links guests of a well-known hotel to a mobile optimized webpage displaying tourist attractions, restaurants, and other entertainment activities in the area. This is tremendously beneficial to guests, especially those visiting cities for the first time. No need to run down to the concierge with questions or hire an expensive tour guide to provide information that is easily accessible on their most intimate device. QR codes are also creatively integrated into the education industry. Teachers make use for a variety of purposes. One of these is behavioral management where students scan to obtain rewards for their behavior in the classroom. This has had a surprisingly huge impact on the student’s behavior and classroom engagement. Another popular use is for a treasure hunt which gets students on the move with a mobile device to educate them with every scan of the code. Teachers have also used them to link a print copy of a book to an audio recording so students can listen to the book being read out loud. Lastly school administrators have embraced the technology to easily connect them to a teacher’s lesson plans and allow them to leave feedback following classroom visits that is digitally accessible to all administrators and the teacher. As you can see, QR codes continues to be very much alive in a variety of different industries. When used creatively and properly, they can add a tremendous amount of value to both the marketer as well as the consumer. I invite you to contact us for any questions about the technology and for specific ways to integrate mobile engagement into your marketing strategy.  

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