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Deliver more than just mobile.  Make it personal & relevant.

by maryann
Delivering the right information at the right time makes all the difference when it comes to creating meaningful customer connections that drive business results. Consider the opportunity presented by millions of smartphones in the pockets or purses of people around the world. Allow these consumers to interact with your brand as they go about their day, at the very moment when it is most relevant and convenient for them.  Here’s how it works:  Let’s say a grad student is at the mall, considering two different printers. One scan of the QR Code on the package can provide instant product details, brand comparisons and customer reviews. Right there - on the spot.
Mobile Engagement
  ScanLife mobile engagement makes it easy for brands, organizations and businesses to capture the kind of genuine customer interest that impacts the bottom line. Codes may be placed wherever people are using products, gathering for events, commuting to work, or exercising at the gym.  In fact, you can deliver messages just about anywhere—to answer questions, solve problems, create fun, and make life better. Best of all, the right mobile engagement solution gives you the flexibility to develop custom campaigns and adjust them in real-time, just like actual conversations.  You’ll avoid the costly reprint charges and lost time that are often associated with traditional marketing promotions. With ScanLife, our powerful analytics show who’s engaging, the times and locations that are most relevant, and dozens more valuable data points. You’ll even know the preferred language your customer speaks, right at the point of engagement. Want to start connecting with people in a more natural, relevant way?  Scan here to learn more.
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Deliver more than just mobile. Make it personal with ScanLife.

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