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Scan Madness has Arrived

by Ben B.
Along with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament kicking off today, we’re doing a little March Madness of our own – just replace baskets with scans. We’ll reward our Final Four scanners each with $100 Amazon gift cards. Even if you don’t make the top of the leaderboard early, you can still go out a winner.


Playing is this easy: 1) Open your ScanLife app (download it for free in the app store if you don’t have it) 2) Connect the ScanLife app to your Facebook account (iPhone users click on the ‘More’ tab, Android users click on the 'Settings' tab and you’ll see it) 3) Scan as much as possible to climb the leaderboard and win gift cards Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll post here the leaderboard of who’s currently scanning the most. We’ll announce our four winners on Thursday, April 3rd.  Best of luck and let the madness begin! UPDATE: Below are our Final Four winners: 1. Marge O. - 1,474 scans 2. Nichole W. - 641 scans 3. Billy E. - 337 scans 4. Anna L. - 312 scans Congrats to all and thanks for playing! Download ScanLife below in your app store: google_play_icon


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