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Reinvented ScanLife Platform Revolutionizes Mobile Engagement for Brand Marketers

Scanbuy, the world’s leading mobile engagement solutions provider, today announced an all new version of its ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform to enable enhanced interactions between brands and consumers through QR Codes, Microsoft Tag, NFC, short URLs and other mobile triggers in their everyday surroundings, such as stores and restaurants, products, print advertising and more.

Transforming the way marketers approach mobile campaigns, the ScanLife platform introduces a variety of new tools to make the process of creating, publishing and analyzing campaigns easier and more effective, while delivering a highly relevant and contextual experience to consumers for increased number and impact fulness of conversions. Ease of use was a key factor in the redesign and a great focus was placed on making it easier to discover and use the advanced features of mobile triggers going far beyond simple URL redirection. The ScanLife platform enables a state-of-the-art mobile experience for the consumer while reducing the overall marketing expense for the Scanbuy business customer.

Features of the new ScanLife platform include:

  • A new and world-class mobile site builder that features over 20 templates and the ability to include photo galleries, embedded YouTube videos and Google Maps, enabling marketers to design a complete site quickly and easily

  • The ability to build dynamic, customized consumer experiences that change based on device operating system, time of day, location, language, consumer loyalty, etc.

  • A new Create Experience section providing increased functionality and accessibility for one-stop creation with 15 different options to present the user when a mobile trigger is activated such as launch a website, make a call, save a calendar event, send an email or text, display a note, contest winner notification, and more

  • Seamless ability to create and publish campaigns to a variety of formats, including Microsoft Tag, QR codes, NFC and dynamic URLs for mobile banner ads or SMS campaigns

The platform also features connectivity to Scanbuy’s mVision Insights tool which can process over 25 different data points on almost every transaction, offering an unprecedented level of real-world customer intelligence to marketers. Reports can track the distribution of scanning activity, first-time customers, campaign comparisons, engagement lifecycles, demographic and location opportunities, and more to enhance the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns.

“The new ScanLife platform enabled Tesco to easily create, design and manage a customized mobile engagement experience through its intuitive interface and enhanced features,” said Mark Cody, senior marketing manager – mobile, of Tesco plc, the third-largest retailer in the world. “With the enhanced analytical reporting we receive from the platform, we are now able to tailor future campaigns for more effective results.”

“ScanLife provides an impressive portfolio of robust, cost-effective customer engagement tools,” said Bob Egan, CEO and chief analyst of the Sepharim Group. “Companies must embrace mobile to stay fresh and relevant in the consumers’ mind and initiate in-depth mobile campaigns, which in turn can generate tremendous opportunities for brands.”

“The days of linking a QR Code to a static URL are over as the new ScanLife platform provides unprecedented mobile engagement campaign flexibility and effectiveness,” said Mike Wehrs, CEO and president of Scanbuy. “With our platform, marketers can exceed the expectations of millions of people engaging with brands every day through a variety of mobile triggers, earning their loyalty through high-impact, targeted mobile experiences.”

The ScanLife mobile app, the consumer face of the ScanLife system, has millions of users discovering new information from triggers in real-world environments every day. It is available on all major platforms, including Android and iOS.

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