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How to Market with a QR Code Strategy

by maryann
To be effective, a complete online marketing strategy needs to embrace the wireless Internet. It is no longer sufficient to think only of those folks who are able and willing to sit in front of a personal computer. Those black and white checkerboard-like patterns found in magazines and on product packages belong to a special group of bar codes that are readable by mobile Internet devices. QR Codes represent an opportunity for marketers to achieve a higher return on investment on every advertising campaign. Today's consumers are seeking out interactive and personalized experiences. For many of these consumers, their mobile device is how they choose to engage in them. This makes QR Code technology an ideal solution for connecting with potential new and very interested customers. Scanning a QR Code requires a little effort on the part of the user and they expect something of value in return, therefore, it is not enough to link a QR Code to a company home page. Users have come to expect a rich experience consisting of compelling images, video and easy touch navigation icons that help them quickly find the information they need—all from the mobile device. An effective QR Code marketing campaign needs to have a purpose beyond driving general Internet traffic. Creative use of Quick Response Codes requires a knowledge of where and how to employ them. To this end, below are eight useful ways to include QR Codes in your strategy: Shopping and Storefront Windows Retailers are experts at using storefront windows to attract attention. By providing signage bearing your QR Code to the retailers, information about your product is available to smartphone users even when the stores are closed. In-store Product Displays Shoppers with mobile devices have become extremely comfortable with "showrooming" -- a practice of using the brick and mortar locations to look at products but buying them online. There is no good reason not to take advantage of this trend with displays and signage bearing QR Codes to help you close a sale with relevant information like customer reviews and exclusive deals. Conference and Trade Show Name Tags At your next conference or trade show you can highlight the accomplishments and personal biographies of your sales people by affixing a QR Code to their name badges.  Plus you can link prospects to your latest content from whitepapers to blogs. Billing Statements and Invoices If you send invoices by mail, then you might as well squeeze the most value out of your postage costs by printing a QR Code on your invoice letterhead so you can deliver your latest and greatest news on the company or products. Real Estate Signage If your business is real estate, you know that it can't exist without signs. You should consider Quick Response Codes to be a natural inclusion in all your signage so you can show images of the property and the agent’s phone number. Business Cards Everyone uses business cards, but there is only so much printed information the standard card can contain. The QR Code solves this by giving the marketer the potential to link it to an unlimited store of information. Restaurant Menus In the food and beverage business QR Codes can be difference maker. People who need additional information about restaurant dishes can now get it instantly on their smartphones instantly thanks to QR Coded menus.  Need help picking the right wine?  Just scan to get tips from the pros. Promotional Merchandise The most effective promotional items come with the contact information of the promoter printed on them. Promotional items on which a QR Code can fit should be required to bear them, as users will be able to learn so much more about you than just your address and phone number. You could even turn that key chain into an instant win game so the next scan could be a winner! As you can see, QR Codes can be used in a variety of clever, effective ways to engage consumers. We hope these ideas will inspire marketers on their next mobile engagement campaign.

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