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Our QR Codes Speak Your Language

by Ben B.
At ScanLife, we are constantly developing new ways to personalize the mobile experience and make it as relevant as possible for the person scanning QR Codes.   We already have codes that change dynamically based on the operating system or the number of scans on a code, and now we are thrilled to announce our latest innovation which uses language detection. Watch the video below to see it in action:
This dynamic QR Code action detects the language setting of the user's device to deliver content that is unique to that language. There are two obvious scenarios for this kind of technology:
  1. A marketer or publisher has content in 2-3 languages within a specific diverse country (like Canada or the US) and now they can run a single code that automatically delivers the right content.
  2. A marketer is running a campaign across multiple countries (like Europe) and now the same code can deliver any number of experiences based on the native language of the user
Now ScanLife offers a simple way to connect to a diverse customer base with no additional programming:
  • Choose from 12 different languages
  • Offer up to 6 different experiences
  • Based on settings from the device, regardless of location
  • Works with any app around the world
If you'd like to learn more about Language Detection or to discuss other ways for smarter mobile engagement, please contact us at

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