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Shopping at the Olympics: QR Codes Bring the Store to You

by Alex from London
To keep you covered on all things mobile and QR Code related, we have our dashing British correspondent blogging right from the epicenter of the Olympic Games. Most big athletic events, regardless of the sport or location, have one thing in common - there are lots of ways to spend your money on a great souvenir.  The London Olympic Games are no different.  In fact, the WSJ reported that organisers hope to sell more than £1 billion, about $1.55 billion, in these goodies to people from all over the world. When walking around London, it is clear that the mobile channel is one important way they hope to achieve that goal and ScanLife QR Codes are helping any way they can.  Codes are placed at the events, and around the entire city, to connect visitors to a landing page where they can buy items directly through their mobile phones, or click to find the closest physical store using the device location.

While I am not a big shopper, I didn't mind browsing the store on my iPhone while waiting for the next round of diving to begin.  Then the location feature pointed me right to the closest store and I even knew what I wanted before navigating the hundreds of others contributing to the Olympic shopping spirit. If you ask me, this year the Olympic Games organisers have won the gold medal of mobile engagement! If you’d like to know more about how to carry out great QR Code campaigns, join the Exchanging Smarter Ideas for Mobile Engagement Linkedin group, visit or contact us by sending a message at info [at]

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