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Best QR Code Campaigns of Q1 2012

by david
Not too long ago, we selected our top QR Code Campaigns for 2011, a collection that featured some very inspired and creative work. With 2012 well on its way, it seems marketers are growing even more skilled and ambitious  in their QR efforts. So if you're among the 86% of marketers planning to use QR codes, here's a selection of the best campaigns in 2012 to some extra inspiration.

Company: SAS Industry: Tourism

Scandinavian Airlines launched a promotion that required two mobile devices, side by side, to scan the code in order to obtain a deal. The “2 for 1 offer that takes 2 to see”. Amazing results. Check out the video here.

Company: Mercedes Benz Industry: Automotive

Why re-invent the wheel when you have a winning formula ? Inspired by the success of the QR Code race in Singapore, Mercedes-Benz launched “the A-Class QR-Trophy” competition which allowed participants to compete and collect “badges”. A video trailer can be seen here.

Company: Maserati Industry: Automotive

Maserati placed QR codes in print ads, which redirected users to a site where they could design the GranTurismo S of their dreams, find the location of the nearest dealer, and subscribe to the site’s email newsletter. Read more.

Company:NRMA Industry: Insurance

A bus shelter in Sydney, Australia was set up to stereo speakers that played tracks selected by the public via QR Code. This campaign was designed to show that unlike other car insurance companies, NRMA covers extras such as custom sound systems. Find out more.

Company: Starbucks Industry: Quick Serve Restaurant

Starbucks coffee lovers could find their favourite roast via a new campaign incorporating customized QR codes. The Starbucks bookmark flyer let consumers "find the roast they love the most" by scanning the ScanLife-powered QR code and voting for their favourite roast. Read more.

Company:Yoobi Industry: Restaurant

While London’s first Temaki Sushi restaurant was still under construction, the owners were able to reach out to consumers early. Construction was concealed behind a display of a QR code fish waiting to be scanned by pedestrians. Catching the fish gave the potential customer discounts for the grand opening of the restaurant. Find out more.

Company: Heineken Industry: Beverage

At a music festival in Poland, Heineken gave everyone attending the possibility to print and stick a QR code on themselves, which when scanned gave information about them and what they like doing. While it helped breaking the ice between participants, it also turned festival goers into walking billboards for the company. Read more.

Company: Budweiser Industry: Beverage

Global beer brand Budweiser integrated QR codes into their product packaging, which allowed consumers to track their specific beer’s history. The content provided for the “Track Your Bud” campaign provided customers additional information about the source of their beverage, the way that its ingredients were selected, and the brewing process. Find out more.

Company: Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (PPGNW) Industry: Non-profit

To promote safe sex, PPGNW released 55,000 condoms with wrappers equipped with a QR code. After scanning the code, users could “check in”, displaying an interactive map showing where other users had done the same. Read more.

Company: The United States Playing Card Company Industry: Toys

The US Playing Card Company developed ‘Jacked Up’ decks in which select cards contain QR Codes. Scanning the card during the game changes the rules. The decks will be available in April for the games of Solitaire, War and Hearts. Watch the video.

Company: ScanLife Industry: 2D Barcodes

ScanLife kicked off the “ScanSocial” campaign at SXSW. Users had to scan the ScanSocial QR Code to enter the game and received their own QR badge linking to their Twitter profile. When people scanned the badge, they became your follower, giving you more points. Daily prizes were awarded to people in Austin with the highest number of followers. Find out more. For expert advice or questions on QR Codes and mobile engagement opportunities consider reaching out: -  Visit - Join the LinkedIn Group “Exchanging Smarter Ideas on Mobile Engagement” - Or, simply contact us at

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