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ScanLife Sees 700% Increase in 2010!

by david
It's been pretty  busy here at ScanLife, so we wanted to share some of what we see every day by publishing our first  ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report.  The report shows the aggressive growth of scanning traffic - up over 700% in 2010! The report covers both UPC barcodes (people scanning products to get prices and reviews) and 2D barcodes that you would see in magazines, outdoor ads, etc.  Interestingly, our traffic is split 50/50 right now which shows that people really just want information quickly and easily - they don't care what kind of code - it's all about what they back in return. When looking at UPC scanning, the results are also vary widely.  Our system shows users online prices to help save you money, but the top two categories are from every day products like health/beauty and food.  One would say that is just because they're "playing around", but guess what - they are actually buying these products also!  We see purchases from shampoo to diapers to books which shows that any category is open for business. Lastly, we looked at demographics and location which come voluntarily and anonymously from hundreds of thousands of our app users.  This also showed that this is much broader than you would think.  Half of all respondents were 35-54, and almost half had income levels of over $100K!  Of course this also reflects that most of our users have SmartPhone devices like Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. We look forward to sharing more of these reports in the future , and can't wait to see what's next for mobile barcodes.  Keep scanning! Download the full report:  ScanLife Mobile Barcode Trend Report

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