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Android (and iPhone) SDK Released to Launch ScanLife

by david
Today, ScanLife announced that is has released a tool to make it really simple to launch the ScanLife universal barcode scanner from any 3rd party app.  This is a free tool that will first be available to the Android OS, and other leading operating systems will be offered soon.  [Update]: iPhone OS now supported.  Please go to for details. We have received plenty of requests for this tool from marketers and publishers that are already planning to place 2D codes on material like magazines or packaging.  This gives your app users a way to scan those codes right from your own app. How does it work?
  1. A developer integrates the sdk into an app (go to
  2. The user clicks on an icon or button to launch scanner
  3. Generic ScanLife app is launched (or it is downloaded)
  4. Codes are scanned as usual
Who should use this? Really any marketer or media publisher that is planning to use 2D codes and has an Android app should use this.  It's extremely easy to set up, and it's free, so why not?  This will give your users a really seamless way to launch mobile content in one click.  Just use a ScanLife account to create and track all of your codes. We will soon be adding an Enterprise version so retailers can scan UPC codes to link to specific content like product info, reviews, and more.  For now, you can use our existing system to show the user product information from a wide variety of online retailers from Amazon to Wal-Mart. Please go to to get started, and please contact us at with any questions:

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