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Scan & Send, or Scan & Go?

by david
Here at ScanLife, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to send or receive information from the physical world - after all that is the point of this whole thing.  See something of interest from the world around you, and use the common camera phone to quickly trigger more information. To give our users and customers more options, we have launched a new feature called Scan & Send which allows someone without the ScanLife app to get the same information from any barcode - QR, Datamatrix, EZcode and even a UPC code if the camera has auto-focus!! This is great for people that may not have the app, but we wanted to look at the cons & pros of each method to help you decide which one to use - and maybe it's both. Scan & Send Option: Process:  Take a normal picture of a code, email it to, get a response by email, click on the link to view the content.  We also give you a link to download the ScanLife app (see below). Approximate Time:  Depending on your mobile email skills and network connection speeds this could take 1 to 3 minutes. Major Benefit:  Can interact with any code as usual, works on most phones with email around the world, do not need to download an app. Major Drawback:  Takes multiple steps, not great for multiple "scans" ScanLife App Option: Process:  Open the ScanLife app on the phone, hold the phone over the code, (or snap a photo of the code for Java/BB) and content is launched automatically.  If you don't have the app already, the additional process is; go to or (US) on the phone, click "Download", click open or run. Approximate Time:  If you have the app on the phone - 10-20 seconds.  If you do not have the app on the phone, add an additional 1-2 minutes. Major Benefit:  Launches content in one-click.  Great if you plan to use the app multiple times. Major Drawback:  Takes an extra minute to download the app if you don't have it already. Bottom Line: While the Snap & Send feature is another great way to get content,the ScanLife app is clearly a better user experience.  In fact, the time it takes to download the app once, is probably about the same as the Scan & Send option.  Plus, most people download the app and scan multiple codes over time - especially since many new phones like the iPhone 3Gs can scan UPC barcodes on most products around the world. ScanLife is also being pre-loaded on many new phones around the world.  So, we expect millions of phones to have the app as a standard feature in the next 12-18 months! Bottom line is that there are options, and it's up to you to decide which way to go.  Either way, happy scanning!!

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