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The Interactive News Stand

by david
The Danish Rail system is now using ScanLife to create what some are calling "the interactive news stand."   They have placed posters and window clings throughout the S-Train system in Copenhagen with a series of EZcodes (2D QR code) from major media providers and brands. Commuters can scan a code to instantly see the latest news from Politiken, get sports scores from, or see the most popular videos of the day from YouTube.  The S-Train system is also giving people a chance to win free passes when they scan a code.

Danish Rail Poster with QR Code

Pepsi Max is giving away free cans of soda by scanning the code which can be redeemed at special kiosks.  They are also providing information on a concert in Tivoli, a large amusement park in Copenhagen.

Pepsi Max Mobile QR Code

So far, the they are seeing hundreds of scans a day, and the most popular codes are from HTC, Pepsi, and the S-Train. Key Learning: This is a really innovative way to monetize digital content from a physical environment like a rail station.   Making multiple experiences available gives  people options so they can decide what is relevant to their interests.  Of course, giving people exclusive content or value is going to create the most interest up front.

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