Client: Staples
Country: United States
Placement: Retail
Interaction: Commerce


Staples had a variety of goals for its mobile marketing campaign: To show value for the consumer while also helping the business achieve key sales milestones. However, their ultimate objective was to increase overall conversions through the use of an effective in-store campaign.


Staples incorporated QR Codes into its in-store displays to let the products do the talking. Using the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform, Staples created QR Codes that offered a variety of features. These included a “buy now and save” option, upgraded recommendations, valuable customer reviews, and detailed product information. This resulted in the business benefitting from mCommerce and product information, as well as keying in on the overall campaign awareness. Incorporating QR Codes into Staple’s marketing mix provided the company with the flexibility they needed to adjust offers or add details without the expense of reprinting campaign materials.